Posted by: hdemott | May 23, 2010

Notes From the Lazy Boy

I’ve spent almost 5 days in my green Lazy Boy chair here at the command center (okay it’s my sitting room – but I’ve stocked it with 2 computers – 1 60 inch plasma screen with DIRECTV and Apple TV – a land-line (yes they still exist) a cell phone – and a stack of reading materials). Why you might ask?

Knee surgery. Partial meniscectomy to be more precise – athroscopic partial medial meniscectomy of the right knee to be even more clear.

Or you can just watch it on youtube here. Not my knee but you get the picture.

Too old, to heavy, and dreams of becoming a professional paddle tennis player all contributed to the tear. (the 9 sets the day I hurt it probably didn’t help) The body is 43 – the brain is still 13 when I step onto a tennis or paddle court. Tough turning off the competitive gene.

What amazes me – post surgery – is just how weak your knee and leg can get from some trauma to it. This is a minor procedure – yet I need to build everything back up while getting the swelling down. Crutches to start – now walking with a limp – and spending a lot of time with my leg elevated and an ice pack on it. So far so good – but the surgeon will let me know tomorrow how I am progressing.

So with a lot of time to kill and no place but my chair to do it – I’ve worked hard at the day job – but also have seen more television and read more books than usual.

On the TV front – almost everybody should be forced to watch the film Rudy. Yes it is corny – and by now you all know how it turns out. But the message that if you are 100% committed and 100% focused on your goal – and you never lose sight of it – but keep driving toward it – is a powerful message, and one I believe people forget and give up on. The most successful people I know – financially or otherwise – are like this, extremely focused and undeterred.

I’m currently reading Jeff Bussgang’s book – Mastering the VC Game – which is a very interesting read. Having done a deal with his firm, Flybridge Capital Partners (we both invested in a company called Zing which was ultimately sold to Dell. I worked on this with his partner Jon Karlen) I am of course somewhat personally invested in the book.

I am always amazed how the VC world is really run out of 3 places (Silicon Valley, Boston and NYC) and how most VC’s tend to invest only in their geographic area – largely because they are busy and want to be close to their investments so they can monitor them with a minimum of fuss. What is so amazing to me about this is that simultaneously, they are dumping millions into companies to allow us to better communicate, to better share data, to better stay on top of things – but at the end of the day – they still value face to face interaction above all else – and don’t want to waste time getting on a plane to achieve it. Between advanced video conferencing, multiple cell phones, twitter, blogs, e-mail, instant messaging, SMS, shared powerpoints, etc… we should be able to have all the communication we want – but the board meeting is a time honored tradition that companies do not want to mess with.

Go figure.

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