Posted by: hdemott | May 12, 2010

Business Idea: Reverse Concert Promotion

What happened when Google said they were going to wire up a town with smoking hot fiber to the home?

Towns went nuts. Check it out here and here among a raft of articles.

Local people got organized and reached out to try and get a company to their town.

Why can’t music fans do the same with the bands they love?

Think about it.

Right now, big bands like U2 or Lady Gaga decide where they are going to play – route their tour and market to the public. They sell out every show and if you are a fan, you either pay up for a ticket on the night your band is in town or you miss them – end of story.

What if you could turn the tables?

Let’s say you could organize 50,000 Killers fans in a town and petition them to play a specific date in your hood.

With the music business heading straight downward – artists are making more and more of their revenue in the form of live shows – so why wouldn’t they want to play guaranteed sellouts?

The Killers might be an extreme example – as they are hugely popular – but what about a band that might sell only 5,000 to 10,000 seats in a town.

Right now Pandora generates hundreds of millions of  pieces of data per week about peoples likes and dislikes. does something similar. With all this data – including e-mail addresses, zip codes, ages, adjacent musical likes and dislikes – these new online music companies could be an extremely powerful force in organizing mid size concert tours – acting as marketers for the bands – setting up shows – selling tickets – and ultimately adding live versions of the shows back into their digital libraries.

This further adds to the musical middle class promulgated by Tim Westergren of Pandora – and makes for a decent new business idea.

Any thoughts out there?


  1. That’s a great idea for sure!

    I’ve come across a couple of sites that are doing it, but haven’t found anyone with critical mass or general awareness.

    Here are the links:

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