Posted by: hdemott | May 10, 2010

Net Neutrality Redux

Had another thought on my post from earlier today.

The NCTA cable show is out in LA this week with FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski set to address the  group in a keynote this Thursday.

Thinking in derivatives – perhaps the announcement by the FCC is simply a negotiating tactic to take the upper had in conversations with the ISP’s. Threaten regulation and they have to come hat in hand to the conversation – even if it is a conversation where both sides agree 90% on.

Or if you are really thinking in derivatives, a second derivative might be that post the Comcast case being thrown out – the IPS’s pushed the FCC into this position – knowing that if the FCC decided to regulate, then they can simply deal with their networks as they would probably like to – with usage caps and pricing by the ton on overages. That way, they have cover for the move – after all, it was the FCC that forced them into it.

Makes the head spin.

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