Posted by: hdemott | April 26, 2010

You Get The Audience You Deserve

There’s an old saying in politics: You Get The Government You Deserve.

In other words, if you don’t get involved, remain passive, allow the events of the world around you to simply happen to you and never make it out on the first Tuesday in November – you have no one to complain to when you disagree with the government that has been chosen.

It’s no different on the Internet.

What do Fred Wilson, Bill Gurley, Ben Horowitz, Marc Andreesen, Chris Dixon, Brad Feld, Bob Lefsetz, Seth Godin and Charlie Odonnel have in common:

They all have a vibrant and active group of readers who continuously add to the conversation – taking the initial theme – amplifying it, iterating on it and refining it. They all have day jobs – and many have money to invest – but they do make time – some of them every day to share with their readers – and almost all take the time to then actively participate in the discussions. (Even those that have closed comments have been responsive to thoughtful e-mails) That combination has won them what may not be the widest audience – but it is perhaps the deepest and most thoughtful audience.

You get the audience you deserve.

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