Posted by: hdemott | April 29, 2009

Who Thinks Of These Things

Here’s a photo from my hotel bathroom in Madison WI this morning:

photo1What’s up with this? Who designed this?

I figure when I go to a hotel, all I am looking for is efficiency – and one can only assume that hotel managers who have to get maximum efficiency from their room cleaners are looking for a quick turn of every room.

I’m as caring about the environment as the next guy – but when I go to a hotel, please don’t ask me to sort my garbage into small containers. All I want is to get the heck out of the room and onto my meetings as quickly as possible.

Just so I don’t bash the Doubletree too much, I feel compelled to mention that this is only the third worst garbage can I jhave ever encountered in a hotel bathroom – the winner being the old bathroom garbage cans at the Wynn Hotel in Vegas that were so skinny that it was like trying to cram your garbage into a tennis ball can. Good luck with that. In second place was my recent garbage can experience at the Grand Del Mar in San Diego – where you had to hunt for the garbge can – which was built into the cabinet like you see in peoples homes where they are hidden under the sink. Great idea at home – not so good for a hotel.

The Wynn and the Grand Del Mar are otherwise spectacular places – and all I can complain about is their trash cans. The Doubletree is purely utilitarian – you go there for nothing other than the delicious chocolate chip cookies. Be who you are. Give us a trash can that is equally utilitarian.

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